Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot & Humid...

...air conditioning or no air conditioning, that is the question. Our summers are so short I feel that I should savor the heat. How I can be thinking that when my fingertips are sticking to the keys on my keyboard, I just don't know, and it's only 9am :}

It'll be a good day to sit at the beach, take a pontoon boat ride or lounge in the sun finishing up a book that I've been reading for 2 months now! Not because I'm a slow reader or the book is not interesting...but it's over 700 pages, small print and the author is so very detailed that it sends me to the land of nod...zzzzzzzz :)

Soon it will be time for the local clubs to have their garden walks and I so love seeing all the flowers. Here are some pics of a beautiful lily and a vignette from last year, it was an amazing garden.