Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beautiful Azalea Flowers

Azalea flowers are so beautiful, I never knew that until I had some of my own, but they come and go before I can look twice. One day buds, then blooms, then the flowers are dropping off like flies....way too short of a life span for me but worth every moment. This year I captured the life of my Azalea flowers in photos.

Big Fat Juicy Buds


Full Bloom

New Growth

It was fun taking these pics but I had to be quick 'cause it seemed there was only a matter of a week with flowers then the ground was strewn with spent blossoms. I'm getting me some more Azalea plants and fill my border garden for next year! On my travels this week I saw some fluorescent orange Azalea...Yay! Oh, and the deer don't eat them...Double Yay!!